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Tajweed Rules

Advance Tajweed Learning Course

Learn Tajweed Rules

Tajweed rules means to recite every letter of the Quran correctly from its makhraj with all of its qualities. The importance of tajweed can't be denied as reciting the Quran without tajweed will not only effect the beauty of the Quran but sometimes it can change the meaning of the Quran. For example: The word Qalb means ``heart``. If instead of Qaaf, Kaaf is read the meaning changes to ``dog``. The word ``Rahim`` used for Allah, means 'very merciful'. If instead of (ح (letter (ه (is read the meaning changes to `` thirsty camel``.

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Basic Tajweed Rules


1. There are 7 letters of Musta’liyah 2. These seven letters are always be read Mufakh’kham (full mouth) with a heavy sound in every condition. 3. These letters are also known as Mufakh'kham letters.


Qalqalah is a quality, which when pronounced, appears to have an bouncing sound,when the letter is saakin.There are 5 letters of Qalqalah .


If after any letter of Madd, there is no hamzah or jazam (sukoon) or tashdeed, then the letter of Madd will be stretched for one Alif. This Madd is called Maddul Aslee.


If after any letter of Madd, there is a hamzah or sukoon or tashdeed, then this Madd is called Maddul Farie.


If after tanween there is a saakin or mushadad letter and waqf is not desired (we want to continue), then one harakat of tanween will be taken out and a Noon with a kasra is put to join the next letter.This Noon is called Noon-e-Kitney.


There are 3 letters of Madd ا ,و , ى. These letters will be Letters of Madd when; 1. Alif has a letter with a fatha before it. 2. Waaw is saakin and it has a letter with a dhammah before it. 3. Yaa is saakin and it has a letter with a kasra before it. Maddah letters are read by stretching one Alif (1 Alif is the time required in closing or opening of a finger normally).


A silent letter is a letter that is written but not read.


Izhaar means to pronounce the letters from their makhraj, clearly without any changes (without ghunnah).


: If after Noon saakin or tanween there appears letter Baa then Noon saakin or Tanween will be changed into Meem and read with ghunnah.


If after Noon saakin or tanween there appears any other letter besides the 6 letters of Huroofe-Halaqi, 6 letters of and the letter Baa, then Ikhfa will take place.The difference between Ghunnah and Ikhfa is that in Ghunnah a full sound comes from the nose where as in Ikhfa only a light sound comes from the nose.

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