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Quran Teaching Partner Program

First of It's Kind Quran Teaching Partnership Program

Why Become a Partner?

We believe our Quran Teaching Partnership Program is unique of it's kind. Just keep reading the full description to find out why. Our Partnership program will give you an opportunity to run a Quran academy WITHOUT having any office, tutors and other requirements. We will meet all these requirements for you.

This is one of the best activity in the World as you will be spreading the teachings of the Holy Quran plus it will give you an opportunity to earn handsome income every MONTH in the shape of student’s fee and earnings via uploading our recorded lessons on Youtube.

Quran Teaching Partnership Program

Fist of it’s kind Quran Teaching Partnership Program which gives you an opportunity to spread the teachings of the Holy Quran plus earn handsome amount every month.

25% of Student's Fee (Monthly)

What you will have to do is to refer new students by adverting on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube etc.. and you will be paid 25% of the student's fee on MONTHLY basis for the whole period a student will be taking classes.

Monetizable Recorded Lessons for Youtube

This is another great opportunity to spread the knowledge of the Holy Quran by uploading recorded Quran lessons on Youtube. Since these lessons are recorded after every 30 minutes by our online tutors, these lessons are MONETIZABLE on Youtube which means that while spreading Quranic teachings, you will also gain viewership/subscription of your own Youtube channel as well as handsome earning via advertisements on your videos.

YouTube Videos on Auto Pilot

In this feature you can set recorded lessons to be uploaded on your Youtuble channel on auto mode. Once this feature is turned on in your control panel, videos of recorded lessons will be uploaded on Youtube on Daily or Weekly basis. All these recorded lessons are recorded on daily basis by our online tutors with their students. Since all these lessons are fresh, these are monetizable on Youtube.

Set Your own Fee

We already have fee plans for the courses, details are given cost page. But you can also increase the fee as you want. For example, Plan-A costs $30 per month but you can also set it's price to $35 or $40. What you will get is 25% percent whatever fee you set.

Monetizable Videos for Non-Partners

This feature is for those who don't want to register as our partner. In this feature all users can upload recorded lessons on their Youtube channels. The difference between Partners and Non-partner users is that Non-partner users can't change 'Title' and 'Description' of the videos. Also, they are not allowed to change backlink ( from the description of the videos.

List of Videos for Non-Partner Users

Upload Videos on Facebook Page (Coming Soon)

In this feature our partner user will be able to upload recorded lessons on his/her Facebook page. This is very handy feature to spread the teachings of the Holy Quran while getting growth on social media. All you have to do is press a button and upload a lesson with pre-populated details like Title and Description for Facebook post.

Complete Students Analysis

You will be assigned a control panel where you will see complete detail about the students you referred, for example, how many students got registered, how many taking trial classes, how many paid students, how many classes in a specific time/ in a day, name of students teacher, whether students are taking classes or not etc.. In other words, you will see each and every info about the students you referred.

Complete Invoice Details

You will see complete details of all invoices sent to the students referred by you. Paid and unpaid invoices in a month, each student's fee, discount etc.. Students can pay with debit/credit card, Paypal or local bank accounts etc.. You can also see full year details of all invoices and can compare monthly invoices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this Partner Program about?

Our Partner Program is unique of it's kind in which we offer 25% of students' fee on MONTHLY basis. You will also get full working website like ( ,, etc..) and detailed analysis of the students you referred to us where you can see if they are registered or not, they are taking classes or not, how many left etc..

How Does it Work?

Once you registered as a partner user, you will receive an email to verify your account. After verification, you will be assigned a full working website which will have all details including Registration Form. So you don't need to do anything but if you want to include your own contact details you can put. Once a student is registered from your website you and we both will receive an email. After that we will talk to the student via email/phone to schedule the classes. In your control panel, you can see how many students got scheduled out of registered from your website, and how many currently taking classes, their fee paid, etc..

What is the Policy about Student's Fee

We charge every student on monthly basis after 1st week's trial classes. Details are given on cost page of our website. What you will get is 25% of student's fee on MONTHLY basis. You can also set your own pricing which means that you can you increase student's fee if you want, and 25% will remain same.

How will I get Paid?

You will be paid after every month in your bank account OR Paypal account.

What type of Website I will Get?

You will be assigned a sub domain of our main website like , etc..

How to Upload Recorded Lessons on Youtube?

Once you logged in to your control panel, you will see list of 'Recorded Lessons' which are uploaded after every 30minutes by our online tutors. You can upload any lesson of any tutor from the list. You will also don't need to write any Title, Description or Tag for the videos as these are populated dynamically according to the teacher's name, student's name, class time, class date etc...

Can I Edit My Website?

Yes, you can change any part of the website. Since it's wordpress site, there is not much expertise needed for this. If you want us to help you to edit any thing, let us know we will do it for you.

How can I change Student's Fee ?

You can change student's monthly fee from within your control panel. After your pricing approved, it will be updated on the website.

How to Track the Students Who Registered From my Website ?

Once a student is registered from your website, you will receive an email to let you know that a new student is registered. You can see details of that student from your control panel.

What Type of Features I will get in my Control Panel ?

You will get each and every thing related to your referred students, what is the status of their registrations, on trial or registered for paid classes, how many didn't start the classes, how many left during trial classes, how many left from paid classes, how much they are paying, daily class reporting like present students, absent students, leave students etc..

Can I Talk to My Referred Students?

Yes, You will also see student's contact details from your control panel. You can talk to your students at any time.

Is is allowed to charge fee for Teaching Quran?

Just to clear that the fee we charge is based on the time we give to the students. We can NEVER think to charge fee for teaching the Holy Quran. We always pray to Allah to give us reward for this in both worlds and guide us in the right way.

Is this Safe to use our App to upload Lessons on Youtube?

You must be rest assured that our app will Never upload anything on your Youtube channel on our own. After granting access to our app, you will only be the person who will upload videos on your Youtube channel. Our app is 100% safe and we never sell/share our Partners' data to any one.

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